Monday, February 28, 2011

Off Balance Atlas - Escape Route Terminal

New Off Balance Atlas tape. A concept album concerning the idea of slowly dying... the eventual fade, and daily existence in reflection. All forms of pain and passion intermixing like wet watercolors.

_SGR ∆ ∞

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Initial Refraction mix

Initial refraction mix ( by fieldrecordingthedesign

Mix that I made for my pyramid prism blog which has more pure expression (pictures/words/odd videos) on it. Contains a wide variety of tunes on this one. Artists include Arthur Verocai,Prefuse 73,10th letter, Yuk, Lucky Dragons, Dimlite, Gonja Sufi,GanGGangDANCE,Brigitte bardot ,Ariel Pink, Offbeat Theatre, Teebs, Stereolab, Arthur Russell, Lapti, MatthewDavid,Landlord, Jori Hulkkonen, Flying Lotus and more. Enjoy!

Plastic Flowers - Drive me home

Plastic Flowers - Drive Me Home from Panaframe ▲ on Vimeo.

Plastic Flowers is the project of Sean Beard. A small framed, black haired young musical entrepreneur. He makes modular synthesizers by hand and crafts lush melodies in his free time. I've run into Sean around Tallahassee for many years now, always in new project formations...It seems he's always on to something new...but this plastic flowers project has a particular resonance for me. It's like a glitter party in the dark with an occasional strobe light flashing. It's like the 80's rushing by on a beautiful listless train that you stop and admire while smoking a cigarette where the color of smoke keeps changing. Nostalgia and loneliness come to mind, with adept hints of passion and hope wrapped in a blanket that you want to hide under and hope the stars are out by the time you uncover your self. The name it self seems a perfect representation of the music, which doesn't happen all that often lately. What does a plastic flower smell like.. I wonder? Unless it's doused in chemical applications or young lust, there is little to be said for the sensation, but smelling generally doesn't coincide with listening...two senses that rarely collide. Plastic Flowers has videos for all of his songs that are perfectly matched and mixed with the musical feel, which I adore and thoroughly support. I believe there is much more to come from this Tallahassee treasure. Stay tuned and enjoy this track/video that evokes a great mood.
-SGR ∆

Friday, February 18, 2011

Al Heath- Revival

Al Heath is one of my oldest friends that I still keep in contact with. We met at his brothers house via my ex- girlfriend about 5-6 years back and shared some pizza together. Al described his music as a million tiny snippets of songs all mixed together...I think back then he was doing much shorter material and wildly more brazen. I played in a band called KEEPBULLFIGHTING with him in Tallahassee for a number of years, pushing the envelope of a sleepy north Florida towns comprehension of a live show. We were persistent but Tallahassee is not the place to thrive for such things. Keepbullfighting is the moniker that Al still uses to this day because it is his brainchild and evolved beast. These recordings that I have posted here are remnants of a life in Miami...when surrounded by oiled up beach goers and the dirt and grime of miami night life, Al sat in quiet contemplation of his life choice...working for a law firm under the duress of the daily grind...his only redemption came from turning up the Bx-8s and getting in the zone of mantra bliss both electronic and organic. Al probably has the most material out of anyone I've ever met...and continues to morph the boundaries of electronic music in Los Angeles presently. He is a long time friend and beautiful musician...and this is just a moment of pure light that I wanted to share with those who are so inclined. I encourage you to dive deep into the oceans of his sound.
-SGR ∆

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sample Based Life Vol. 1 Now Available!

Skylight Gymnasium Records is proud to put out its first ever physical release! Sample Based Life was carefully crafted by 22 different artists over a span of 32 tracks of mind altering reworkings of raw material provided by Off Balance Atlas. The physical release is now available with a professionally dubbed and imprinted chrome c-81 tape with hand made collage packaging by the curator. If you donate $8 or upwards you will be guaranteed a copy of the first skylight gymnasium cassette. You can purchase through the bandcamp site or donate directly here.

Thank you for your interest in SGR. We hope to provide you with numerous magical sonic adventures in the near near future.