Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Muta - Mutate EP out today. SGR-002.

Definition of MUTABLE

: prone to change : inconstant
a : capable of change or of being changed
b : capable of or liable to mutation

Muta is music that changes you. Birthed from sunless alcoves on distant moons where the organic nanomachines toy with human consciousness. It delves deep into the psyche of rhythm and pulls out shining tonal doctoring and mind altering woozy beats. Like a storm of thoughts on fire. We enter Mutate on a heavy note and transform to all different scopes of emotion and atmosphere...It is the first official release for Muta and @ sixteen minutes and 24 seconds we know that there are more mutations to follow this work as a full length is already in production. This release is available for free download temporarily but you should support this ambitious producer who stands out in a sea of empty faces. Expect much more to come from Muta in 2011/2012 .... SGR-002. ∞∆∞
His paypal is linked below so donate if you download!