Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Muta - Mutate EP out today. SGR-002.

Definition of MUTABLE

: prone to change : inconstant
a : capable of change or of being changed
b : capable of or liable to mutation

Muta is music that changes you. Birthed from sunless alcoves on distant moons where the organic nanomachines toy with human consciousness. It delves deep into the psyche of rhythm and pulls out shining tonal doctoring and mind altering woozy beats. Like a storm of thoughts on fire. We enter Mutate on a heavy note and transform to all different scopes of emotion and atmosphere...It is the first official release for Muta and @ sixteen minutes and 24 seconds we know that there are more mutations to follow this work as a full length is already in production. This release is available for free download temporarily but you should support this ambitious producer who stands out in a sea of empty faces. Expect much more to come from Muta in 2011/2012 .... SGR-002. ∞∆∞
His paypal is linked below so donate if you download!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Philosophers of tone

A collaborative effort and continuous narrative through the lives of Al heath and Forrest Reiff. Quite often...secret fly in sessions have happened similar to this. This particular session was recorded last year in a heated tiny room. contemplate life with this direct from tape system of vibrations...all things merge. Some things always change.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hollow Tropic

the newest addition to the sky gym family. open your mind and delve into the thought waves manifested by Hollow Tropic...expect an EP soon.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sample Based Life Vol. 2 source material

Sample Based Life Vol. 2 Vault 1 by samplebasedlife

Sample Based Life Vol. 2 Vault 2 by samplebasedlife

A cosmic orchestra awaits you on these 2 vaults that Sumsun has prepared for your dissection. Beat fragments, melody waves, classical records,lsd samples, and much more. The other vaults will be posted soon. If you wish to be considered for the eventual release...submissions are due by july 31st 2011...after which we will be putting the whole deal together digitally and in tape format. This is a very exciting set of sounds, folks....hold on to your earlobes.

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-S.G.R. ∆

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

QUAP - Life blood/jaquap cousteau + hoodneck details.

Life Blood / Jacquap Cousteau by DJQuap
My friend records music under the moniker Quap which is also his nickname. He is one of the biggest music enthusiasts that I know. Every night he slaves away at his macintosh desktop on Logic for hours just working on beats until the sun comes up. Endless riddems of all different flavors and colors. The amount of output is really incredible and he hasn't stopped since I met him a few years back. Here at Skylight Gymnasium Records we like to support the endeavors of such artists and as such are releasing an EP by Quap called Hoodneck. The song that was posted here will be on this free digital release as well as 6-7 others. I'm very excited to support and push an artist who I believe should be making millions working for mainstream hip hop emcees as a producer because his beats are just mad fire and have been getting so thick and syrupy lately that I just think it's crazy he's not out there working with the best of them...but hopefully this EP will bring some more attention to a very talented individual.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

holographic boxes mix

Holographic boxes mix (skylight gymnasium records) by fieldrecordingthedesign

Flying Lotus - clock catcher (harp arrangement)
The mamas and the papas - california dreaming (slowd)
Dunian - Mind Body Mind
Stephan Ferris - Leslie D
Tawiah - Sweet Me (young montana? remix)
Gang Gang Dance - Glass Jar
Lapti - Honky Tonk
Ras G - Discipline (excerpt boosted)
Dak - Youstandit
Ssalvia - Thought has wings
Toro y moi - timed pleasure (body language remix)
Cupp Cave - Sky sharks
The Get - Fingers
Ted lucas - it is so nice to get stoned (slowd)
Twin sister - all around and away we go
Light asylum - A certain someone
Dog Bite - Machino machino
Jane jane pollock - stuck on a highway island
Dj Quap - life blood
Ohbliv - amethyst
Ted Lucas - It's so easy (slowd)
Javelin - Tryouts
Games - Heartlands
Lucky Dragons - Givers
Caribou - Yusef
Plastic Flowers - Drive me home

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This is where much of the magic happens. I also have an art table set aside for physical productions.
Been working on tape cases and the like. To those who ordered a cassette of sample based life vol. 1 I will be getting them in and shipping them out fairly soon. More information when known. Keep it Spacey, like Kevin do.