Tuesday, May 3, 2011

QUAP - Life blood/jaquap cousteau + hoodneck details.

Life Blood / Jacquap Cousteau by DJQuap
My friend records music under the moniker Quap which is also his nickname. He is one of the biggest music enthusiasts that I know. Every night he slaves away at his macintosh desktop on Logic for hours just working on beats until the sun comes up. Endless riddems of all different flavors and colors. The amount of output is really incredible and he hasn't stopped since I met him a few years back. Here at Skylight Gymnasium Records we like to support the endeavors of such artists and as such are releasing an EP by Quap called Hoodneck. The song that was posted here will be on this free digital release as well as 6-7 others. I'm very excited to support and push an artist who I believe should be making millions working for mainstream hip hop emcees as a producer because his beats are just mad fire and have been getting so thick and syrupy lately that I just think it's crazy he's not out there working with the best of them...but hopefully this EP will bring some more attention to a very talented individual.

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