Friday, February 18, 2011

Al Heath- Revival

Al Heath is one of my oldest friends that I still keep in contact with. We met at his brothers house via my ex- girlfriend about 5-6 years back and shared some pizza together. Al described his music as a million tiny snippets of songs all mixed together...I think back then he was doing much shorter material and wildly more brazen. I played in a band called KEEPBULLFIGHTING with him in Tallahassee for a number of years, pushing the envelope of a sleepy north Florida towns comprehension of a live show. We were persistent but Tallahassee is not the place to thrive for such things. Keepbullfighting is the moniker that Al still uses to this day because it is his brainchild and evolved beast. These recordings that I have posted here are remnants of a life in Miami...when surrounded by oiled up beach goers and the dirt and grime of miami night life, Al sat in quiet contemplation of his life choice...working for a law firm under the duress of the daily grind...his only redemption came from turning up the Bx-8s and getting in the zone of mantra bliss both electronic and organic. Al probably has the most material out of anyone I've ever met...and continues to morph the boundaries of electronic music in Los Angeles presently. He is a long time friend and beautiful musician...and this is just a moment of pure light that I wanted to share with those who are so inclined. I encourage you to dive deep into the oceans of his sound.
-SGR ∆

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